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In the current layout for Anime Expo’s artist alley, the further back you are in the rows, the less traffic you get, making the entire back half of the AA functionally worthless. Everyone wants to be in rows A, B, and C— if you’re stuck in the back you might as well not go.

I made a “heat map” of where the traffic generally was this year. It tended to come from the bottom right, where it gets extremely crowded, but people would give up halfway and not make it to the rows in the back. If you were behind the Copics booth on the left you were not clearly visible either, making even some parts of rows A~D as undesirable as row K.

Conditions were also crowded and unsafe for artists and customers, even though there were bizarre gaps of room everywhere.

Why can’t the layout be changed to create even traffic to all areas of the AA?

Proposed Solution:
If the orientation of the tables were changed, people would be encouraged to walk down the rows into the back of the hall, where most of the tables are.

Some spots will always be better than others, but it’s no longer a death sentence if you get a table in the “back”, because you are not literally being blocked by 5 rows of tables. This new layout would also help a lot of the strife surrounding table lotteries and priority seating by making all the seating decent in one way or another.

I drew the proposed layout in accordance with LACC’s fire code and ADA guidelines. There’s 9 feet of space behind the tables for artists, and 10 foot walkways for customers. The maximum number of tables pushed together is 7—you only have to walk past 2 tables if you need to get out. The new layout can also support 492 tables, which is even more than the old layout which had 478 tables.


There’s plenty of room available to create safe, comfortable conditions for artists, while improving traffic flow and a lot of other issues. I hope the staff can consider changing the layout entirely so that artists won’t have to fight for good seats in the first place.

Please post in this thread on Anime Expo’s forum to show your support for changing the layout!

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